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    I tried for several hours to get my water main shutoff valve to pair with my new Wink 2 hub. The instructions say to press the button 3 times quickly. I tried pressing it 3 times quickly about 50 different attempts to no avail. As my frustration level had maxed out I tried pressing it quickly many times instead of just 3. Continual pressing quickly for about ten seconds made it work. It finally paired and is now working as advertised. This procedure should be included in your instructions. Also, I am in need of 16 remote probes only. How can I get them without buying the whole unit?

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    Matthew C.

    Thank you for reaching out. Yes, the process of pairing the valve can be little hard on some units. Here is an article that covers this issue in detail. 

    I Can't Connect my Water Main Shut-Off to my Hub

    For the 16 probes request, I have created a ticket for you from this comment. One of our agents will contact you shortly.

    Thank you for supporting Dome!

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